a tale of passion

Our Story

Our Objects are crafted with exquisitely pure
mulberry silk in a luxurious 30 momme.
They're incredibly gentle, and dedicated to
helping you achieve that effortless allure.

Based in sunny Singapore, we are a small home-based business launched in 2020.
Tender Objects was birthed out of a perrenial search for a solution to every girl's long hair woes - Shedding an uneccessary amount of hair everywhere we went, terribly uneven hair texture, and hair breakage that leaves you with short stray strands that pouf out of your head like a lion. Those black elastic hair ties rub against your hair, making them frizzy and tangled. And then we discovered, silk scrunchies. They'd glide over our hair seemlessly, yet hold it up firmly while we were out conquering the day.

However, we found that most silk scrunchies in the market were terribly overpriced and not of the best quality, using only 22momme silk. So we decided to source for our own! We're here to bring you affordable silk scrunchies of insane quality, protecting your hair while making you look effortless.

Tenderness is strength.

We've always believed in the need to allow tenderness to permeate through every aspect of life, and this has translated into our mission here at Tender Objects.

In this, we embrace the time and space between a situation and our response, acknowledging the validity of our emotions, while grounding ourselves in compassionate thought. We all have our own stories to tell, whether we whisper or yell. Make a conscious decision to be kind and gentle to yourself, but especially to those around you.

Like how our silk is gentle on you,
be gentle to others too.

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Inspired by nature's gentleness

Our collections draw reference from the serenity in our natural landscapes.
From the drifting clouds above, to the gentle mist of the morning.
We acknowledge the everyday unnoticed, and in it we find tranquility.

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" Wildflower;
pick up your pretty little head,
It will get easier,
your dreams are not dead. ”

Nikki Rowe