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Silk Sleep Mask

There is no need to wash your Tender Objects Silk Sleep Mask every time you have used them.
We recommend that you wash or spot clean only when necessary.


Hand wash your sleep mask in cold water with a pH neutral liquid detergent.
Immerse the sleep mask for just a few minutes in cold, soapy water. Do not wring or twist the sleep mask.
Remove stains by gently massaging liquid detergent directly on the spot. Rinse first in cold water.
If you find that your silk sleep mask is losing its lustre, you may then rinse it a second time, by adding a spoonful of distilled white vinegar to one litre of water to remove alkaline residues and keep the sheen.
Finally, rinse again in cold water. Do not bleach. 


Lay the sleep mask on a flat surface, and place a clean dry towel over it to absorb the excess moisture. At the point, you may reshape the sleep mask if necessary, but be careful not to compress the silk stuffing. Dry flat or hang to dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.


The sleep mask may be ironed while still damp using an iron on a low temperature setting appropriate for silk. You can also iron through a damp cotton cloth or use the steam setting. However, be careful to avoid applying pressure while ironing, as this will compress the silk stuffing.

Silk Scrunchie

Your Tender Objects Silk Scrunchies are designed to be extremely durable!
Thus, they don't actually need to be washed unless you want to.


Hand wash your scrunchies in cold water, and add a pH neutral liquid detergent if desired. Avoid scrubbing the scrunchie folds against each other, as this could dull the silk's beautiful sheen.
Remove stains by gently massaging liquid detergent directly on the spot. Rinse in cold water. Avoid stretching and pulling the scrunchie, as may cause the elastic to loosen quicker. Do not bleach. 


Holding the scrunchie over the sink, allow the excess water to drip off. Wrap your scrunchie in a clean dry towel, and gently squeeze out the excess water. Allow it to air-dry, avoiding direct sunlight. Do not tumble dry.

" Silk does to the body,
what diamonds do for the hand "

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