Why Choose Silk?

We choose to use only the finest 100% pure mulberry silk,
buttery soft to the touch, yet extremely durable.
You'll truly get a bang for your buck!

Wondering why your hair keeps breaking
and shedding everywhere all the time?

While those black elastic packs are extremely inexpensive and do its job of holding up your hair, they're actually extremely damaging to your hair! Their abrasive surface creates friction as it rubs against your hair when you tie it, and yanks out your hair when you pull it out. For those of us with chemically treated hair, we certainly do NOT need any more hair problems!

Our silk scrunchies on the other hand are extremely soft and buttery smooth to the touch. They glide over your hair gently and seamlessly, helping to reduce hair frizziness, hair breakage, and hair loss!

We're all guilty of failing to realize how the little details in our everyday routines, can leave long lasting effects on us.
Make a conscious decision today, switch to silk!

Silk: it's just better

Prevent wrinkles

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Silk is naturally hypoallergenic, and the tightly woven silk fibers make it inhabitable for dust mites. It also doesn't absorb the natural oils and moisture from your skin, keeping it hydrated throughout the night.

Prevent hair breakage & frizziness

Silk when woven in the charmeuse weave is butter smooth to the touch. It doesn't tug or pull your skin and hair, but gently glides over it instead, reducing wrinkles, hair frizzing, and hair breakage.

Temperature regulating

Silk is naturally temperature-regulating and extremely breatheable. In warm weather, it allows heat to escape quickly, providing a cooling effect on the skin. In cool temperatures, in retains heat, keeping you nice and toasty.

Our silk scrunchies will never pull your hair out!

Extra gentle on the hair, our pure mulberry silk scrunchies glide over your hair as you pull it up into a messy bun or ponytail, yet holds it firmly in place without creating any hair creases. You're now all ready to conquer the day with your new hair sidekick!

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Protect your delicate eye area as you
toss and turn freely with our silk eye masks!

Immerse yourself in absolute darkness, as you fall asleep with the feeling of plush clouds gently resting on your eyes. Buttery smooth to the touch, our silk sleep masks ensure that you'll never again have to worry about wrinkles forming around your eyes. Get the rest you deserve while preventing aging at the same time!

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Make a conscious decision today,

Switch to Silk

"Silk does for the body
what diamonds do for the hand."


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